To DIY or not to DIY?

To DIY or not to DIY?

You are not legally obliged to use a funeral director. You don’t even have to have a funeral. The only legal requirements surrounding death are that it is certified and registered, and the body is properly disposed of. Currently, we have a choice of cremation or burial.


So what are the alternatives to using a funeral director?


Arrange the entire funeral yourself

Some people benefit enormously from the personal involvement of caring for the deceased at home and arranging the send-off themselves. Others choose direct involvement to keep the costs down. Contact your local councils cemetery and crematorium, and The Natural Death Centre for advice.


Arrange part of the funeral yourself

Get your funeral director involved in only those areas you prefer not to manage. For example, you might want your funeral director just to care for the deceased at the funeral home until the day of the funeral. Not all funeral directors offer a bespoke service. About the Funeral can help you find those who do.


Find your local council


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Compare funeral directors


Kim Bird is the founder of the comparison and review site About the Funeral and Editor of the bereavement support and funeral planning magazine, Day by Day.

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