Why buy a pre-paid funeral plan?

Why buy a pre-paid funeral plan?

The average cost of a basic funeral (funeral directors fees, including hearse and coffin) rose 103%, from £1,920 to £3,897 between 2004 and 2016.*


Paying for your funeral in advance can be a cost-effective way of managing the expense, because the funeral director’s fees are frozen at today’s prices. Depending on the prepaid plan you buy, some or all of the third party cremation or burial costs are covered too.


Not only can a prepaid funeral plan help lessen the financial burden on those you leave behind, it can also help reduce the worry and upset by leaving fewer difficult decisions to be made by them when you die.


*Source: Cost of Dying 2016 – SunLife Direct


Kim Bird is the founder of the comparison and review site About the Funeral and Editor of the bereavement support and funeral planning magazine, Day by Day.

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