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Rankin’s Dying Art Revisited: Still A Taboo?

Back in 2013 the photographer Rankin confronted that most British of taboos: death. Alive: In The Face of Death focused on individual stories to personalise an experience that will touch each and every one of us. Rankin’s ground-breaking exhibition featured 80 images of people who live in the shadow of death, along with representatives from the

When do you know you need counselling?

For many of us realising that we need help from others is not easy. We worry about having to admit that we are not coping, what people will say, wasting their time even. Alex James is a professional bereavement support counsellor and founder of Bereavement UK.  She urges: “The most important thing is that you are

August: National Road Victims month

According to RoadPeace there have already been 871,913 road deaths worldwide since 1st January 2015.  That’s 74 more deaths since I started writing this post 20 minutes ago. A road death is not a normal death.  It is sudden, violent, unexpected, and premature. Every day 5 people die on the roads in the UK and

Help for npower cancer customers

It’s been nearly 10 years since Macmillan and energy supplier npower got together to help people living with cancer keep warm by taking control of their energy bills.  There are currently over 2 million cancer sufferers in the UK, with a fifth facing fuel poverty as their income decreases and household bills increase.  In 2015

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