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Why buy a pre-paid funeral plan?

Why buy a pre-paid funeral plan?

The average cost of a basic funeral (funeral directors fees, including hearse and coffin) rose 103%, from £1,920 to £3,897 between 2004 and 2016.*   Paying for your funeral in advance can be a cost-effective way of managing the expense, because the funeral director’s fees are frozen at today’s prices. Depending on the prepaid plan you buy, some

People and organisations to notify following a death

People and organisations to notify

Below is a list of people and organisations you may need to advise of the death. You can use the additional space to add anyone else you may think of. People to tell straight away Relatives Friends Employer School, College or University Minister Solicitor Accountant Government organisations to notify HM Revenue & Customs National Insurance

Who can register the death and what you need to take with you to the Register office for Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Who can register the death?

The death can be registered by any of the following people: A relative of the deceased Someone who was present at the death An administrator from the hospital or other institution The person making the funeral arrangements   Information you will need to provide the registrar about the deceased include Full name, and maiden name