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A simple guide to ‘green’ funerals

Eco-friendly or ‘green’ funerals are becoming more popular. Here’s our simple guide for anyone considering going ‘green’. They are valid for any funeral – religious or secular, and regardless of whether the deceased held strong views about the environment. State your intentions First and foremost, pre-planning is the best way to get exactly what you

Funeral jargon buster

Jargon buster

Arranging a funeral can be a surreal experience, and a confusing one if you have never arranged a funeral before.  Here are explanations for some of the most common terms you may come across when discussing the arrangements with your funeral director.   Attendance cards As it’s not always possible or feasible to know who came to

Guide to writing a eulogy

How to write a eulogy

Eulogy:  a speech given at a memorial service in memory of the deceased.   Delivering a eulogy is a duty that often falls on a close family member. Many will see it as a great honour, but it is also a big responsibility and some may feel daunted by the task.   Here are some simple guidelines

How to stop unwanted direct mail

Register your details with The Bereavement Register and stop unwanted postIt can be extremely upsetting to keep receiving promotional mail addressed to a spouse, close relative or friend that has died. The Bereavement Register is a free service which can help. Simply register the details of the deceased person today and you can expect to see