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Organ Donation: The ultimate bequest

When thinking about end of life matters, have you thought about organ and tissue donation? An organ donor can save and transform up to nine lives and a tissue donor can potentially help dozens of people.   There are currently around 7,000 people in the UK on the waiting list for a transplant. This figure

Three pairs of coloured flip flops on the beach. shows you the plan differences to help you choose the right prepaid funeral plan.

How do I choose the right prepaid funeral plan?

Choosing the right prepaid funeral plan depends on your choice of the following main components:   Whether the plan pays all, some, or none of the third party cremation or burial costs as well as the funeral director’s fees The quality of the coffin The number of limousines, or some other suitable vehicle needed to transport family

Why buy a pre-paid funeral plan?

Why buy a pre-paid funeral plan?

The average cost of a basic funeral (funeral directors fees, including hearse and coffin) rose 103%, from £1,920 to £3,897 between 2004 and 2016.*   Paying for your funeral in advance can be a cost-effective way of managing the expense, because the funeral director’s fees are frozen at today’s prices. Depending on the prepaid plan you buy, some

Man making notes in his notebook on the pros and cons of buying a prepaid is a good idea

Are prepaid funeral plans a good idea?

A pre-paid funeral plan can be a good idea. It’s a cost-effective way of paying for a funeral in advance as it freezes the cost of some or all of a funeral at today’s prices. This means financial security for those you leave behind with the assurance that the funeral director’s fees have been paid