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Organ Donation: A Matter of Death and Life

Bryan Sanger: “A grateful organ recipient” The impending death of a loved one is never easy. The process and stages of preparation, coping, and, inevitably, grieving becomes a rite of passage. For some, that loss is also literally a life changing experience when the person who died was a registered organ donor. The subject of

A Royle Talent – Caroline Aherne

When you watch repeats of Sister Mary Immaculate, The Fast Show, Mrs Merton, and The Royle Family, it’s obvious that Caroline Aherne was adept at inhabiting her characters. In both her writing and her acting she peeled back the layers of the everyday to reveal both comedy and pathos, sometimes switching between them from moment

Prince Roger Nelson

A Prince Of A Man

There are few musical artists recognisable simply by their first name – off the top of my head, there’s Madonna, Beyoncé, Whitney and Prince.   Unusually, in our 24/7 Internet age, Prince seemed able to live an intensely private life. Even after his death it is difficult to separate fact from rumour.   Actually named

Spray of apricot roses

Has Donald Trump met his match?

Having written the political obituaries of several Republican nominees in the race to the White House, it may seem as though there’s no stopping Donald Trump in his presidential ambitions.   While other politicians try to stay media friendly and court the middle ground, ‘The Donald’ shoots from the hip.  He has no qualms about squaring up to