Funeral jargon buster

Jargon buster

Arranging a funeral can be a surreal experience, and a confusing one if you have never arranged a funeral before.  Here are explanations for some of the most common terms you may come across when discussing the arrangements with your funeral director.   Attendance cards As it’s not always possible or feasible to know who came to

Guide to writing a eulogy

How to write a eulogy

Eulogy:  a speech given at a memorial service in memory of the deceased.   Delivering a eulogy is a duty that often falls on a close family member. Many will see it as a great honour, but it is also a big responsibility and some may feel daunted by the task.   Here are some simple guidelines

Biodegradable bios urn for a loved one's ashes

Ash in the Attic: Your options

As cremations account for around 75% of all UK funerals a difficult question arises: what do you do with the ashes? Here are some lightly considered but perfectly serious options. 1. Planting a tree with buried ashes is a poetic idea. However, ironically, high levels of calcium, sodium and acidity can be harmful to growth.

Prince Roger Nelson

A Prince Of A Man

There are few musical artists recognisable simply by their first name – off the top of my head, there’s Madonna, Beyoncé, Whitney and Prince.   Unusually, in our 24/7 Internet age, Prince seemed able to live an intensely private life. Even after his death it is difficult to separate fact from rumour.   Actually named